Welcome to coolmaven.com

coolmaven.com functions primarily as our family website. The blog section is regularly updated with the latest news on our family events, travel, kids activities, photos, and general interest commentary. Secondly, the site serves as an experimental testing ground for our understanding of the exciting capabilities of the Internet, Social Media, Wordpress, and more. As such, please expect to find an ever-changing website with both cool new functionality and half built or, broken areas - "As without failure, there is no learning."
Thanks for stopping by!

Currently publishing to: twitter, facebook, tumbler, foursquare, picasa, linkedin, youtube, and screenr.

Website buckets

  • Events

    This section is dedicated to capturing all our family events, special occasions, and general fun times!

  • Kids Sports Zone

    This section is dedicated to the various sport activities which our kids (Kayla & Jake) are involved in.

  • My Photography

    This section is dedicated to my favorite hobby - Photography. Activity is tracked in the photography blog and a photo showcase is presented in the portfolio/gallery section.

  • Travel

    This section is dedicated to capturing our fantastic family holidays, getaways, and day trips!

  • Randoms & Rants

    Random topic posts, Rants, Tweets, Foursquare check-in's, and the Kitchen sink.

  • 4sq Check-ins and Badges

    Follow my progress on Foursquare.com as I work towards Mayorships and Badges!