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Conventional dressing may be the thing of past for that urban youth as T-Shirts with cool quotes is really a rage across all college campuses. Fashion is all about expressing your personality and being your individual self. Consequently, T-Shirts with slogans are the best method to create a style statement. Such t-shirts are not only seen comfortable and classy but also help convey a message to the world. This trend is slowly obtaining on celebrities too. Unlike the usual casual wear, T-Shirts with funny quotes are eye-catchy and simply strike a chord with close pals.

As it is well-known that younger generations have different moods in different situations, only a few of them are quite open to express it. For example, boys may take on a melodramatic attitude throughout their college hours. On the contrary, they may be quite relaxed while talking a stroll on the beach. Furthermore, guys can don a flirtatious mask when going for social get-togethers, such as late-night bashes, birthday parties, or college welcome events.


In addition to making a fashion statement, tees should express your personality and mood. Since young lads are usually full of zest and quite moody, T-Shirts with captions scripted them over serve a dual purpose. Furthermore they help you in expressing your feelings, they communicate to others in regards to what mood you are in. Some popular T-Shirts ideas to help you communicate your mood and behavioural disposition are as under:-

• T-Shirts with Furious Quotes: T-Shirts with your quotes are suitable when you are in 'angry young men' mood. Suppose you are feeling very irritated and are aggravated by the situations or people around, simply placing a tee with quotes 'Don't Anger Me' would reflect your mood to your friends and they'd give you some space tomorrow.

• T-Shirts with Movie Quotes: T-Shirts with movie quotes are perfect for movie-freaks and teens that enjoy melodrama. Usually, these T-Shirts feature famous dialogues of movies either on front or back of the tee. When someone wears a T-Shirts with movie quotes, it will help others know more about that person's personality and movie preferences. For example, obviously there is improvement in a personality of the person wearing monster T-Shirt versus the one wearing a T-Shirt having a classic late 90 movie dialogue.

• T-Shirts with Flirtatious Quotes: These kinds of T-shirts are best suited when you wish to initiate a conversation with someone. Highly popular amongst college teens, T-Shirts with flirtatious quotes can definitely impress your crush.

• T-shirts with Funny Quotes: T-Shirts with funny quotes reflect that the person putting it on is a happy-go lucky person and somebody that loves humour. Such T-Shirts spreads a wave of laughter and smile across your peers.

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